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Designing the overall appearance of a themed vehicle is very important. I can assist finalizing the concept and design so you and your company achieve maximum exposure for your product or service.

I work closely with professional vehicle wrap designers and installers to ensure your wrap integrates with my sculpture to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Make your wrap stand out from the competition.

Being able to withstand wind and weather is a crucial factor when adding a sculpture to any vehicle. Choose a professional with experience so your themed vehicle withstands the test of time.
2017-01-13 15.37.28_edited.jpg

 Step 1: Design

The initial step in theming a vehicle is to design your vision, this includes the 2D wrap and the 3D sculpture. Once we have that locked in, the wrap will go to design and I start working on the internal structure of the sculpture. 

2017-03-30 18.24.26_edited.jpg

Step 2: Fabrication

The next step includes the fabrication of the sculpture and the printing of the wrap. Once the sculpture is complete it moves on to plastic coating, then paint. This takes place while the wrap is applied and the vehicle is prepared for the installation.

2017-04-06 18.47.18 HDR.jpg

Step 3: Installation

In this final step the sculpture and its internal frame are precisely mounted to the vehicle so it integrates with the wrap's design. Careful consideration is given to ensure all working parts of the vehicle remain operable after installation.

"The introduction of the Quidel Flu Bug resulted in 3X the average number of conversations on a per market basis. We have four of them covering the United States. We couldn't be happier."

Lenny W Ross III

SVP Operations, Fizz Corporation


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