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Scott Freeland

From immense custom sculptures to small-scale prototypes, I produce quality works-of-art while providing my clients the highest level of customer service.


A Ringling College of Art & Design graduate of the fine arts, I began my post-college career as a sculptor for Creative Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For 15 years I was a partner at Exoscope Design & Fabrication in Orlando, Florida where I ran the creative department, managing teams of sculptors, artists and painters who completed projects for theme-parks and attractions around the country. 

Over the past 30 years I have honed my abilities in figurative and architectural sculpting, themed environment construction, themed vehicle customization and model-making.

My clients call me “The Wizard” for my problem-solving abilities. I am known in the  industry for simplifying overly-complex projects and meeting impossible deadlines. When project managers and small business owners have a problem they can't solve, they turn to me.


I pride myself on providing superior, hands-on customer service. This practice has won my studio accolades from my peers and awards from entertainment and marketing associations across the country.  

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