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From immense custom sculptures to small-scale prototypes, Scott Freeland produces quality works-of-art while providing his clients the highest level of customer service. For over 25 years, Freeland has proven his expertise in figurative and architectural sculpting, themed environment construction, themed vehicle customization and model-making.

Known as “The Wizard” for his problem solving abilities, Freeland’s ability to simplify the overly-complex has won him accolades from peers and awards from themed entertainment and marketing associations across the country.  

A Ringling College of Art & Design graduate of the fine arts, Scott began his post-college career as a sculptor for Creative Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida where he honed his skills in large-scale sculpting and discovered his passion for custom fabrication.

For 15 years he was a partner at Exoscope Design & Fabrication in Central Florida where he ran the creative department, managing teams of sculptors and artists who completed projects for theme-parks and attractions around the country. 

High school sweethearts Scott and his wife Megan worked together to build the Freeland Studios brand. With Scott running the shop and Megan running the office, this dynamic duo makes an awesome team.


Scott manifests focused creativity and inspiration while Megan provides impeccable organization and time management to projects.


Together they built the foundation of Freeland Studios with raw, natural materials such as quality and customer service…and more than two decades later that foundation hasn’t cracked. 

Always seeking out the most difficult three-dimensional projects, they welcome any challenge

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