From immense custom sculptures to small-scale prototypes, Scott Freeland produces quality works-of-art while providing his clients the highest level of customer service. For over 25 years, Freeland has proven his expertise in figurative and architectural sculpting, themed environment construction, themed vehicle customization and model-making.

Known as “The Wizard” for his problem solving abilities, Freeland’s ability to simplify the overly-complex while improving on the original concept has won him accolades from peers and awards from themed entertainment and marketing associations across the country.  


A Ringling College of Art & Design graduate of the fine arts, Freeland began his post-college career as a sculptor for Creative Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida where he honed his skills in large-scale sculpting and discovered his passion for custom fabrication.

For 15 years he was a partner at Exoscope Design & Fabrication in Central Florida where he ran the creative department, managing teams of sculptors and artists who completed projects for theme-parks and attractions around the country.  

When an opportunity to work within a community of fellow artists and craftsmen in Asheville, North Carolina became available, Freeland couldn't pass it up. He quickly moved his family to the "San Francisco of the South" where he tapped into newfound energy, allowing him to get back to the essence of what he loved to do...sculpt.


There are many factors that play into Freeland's artistry – most notably is his ability to harness the natural energy that surrounds him – whether it comes from his clients, family, friends or nature – and then channel it into his work. This enables "The Wizard" to take projects to new levels and dimensions. Freeland brought that renewed energy back to Central Florida in 2013 where he opened up his own fabrication studio in Orange City where he continues to make amazing works of art.