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The philosophy at Freeland Studios is that anything is possible in the realm of art. My studio offers the following professional artisanal services:



The initial step in a project is to get your idea onto paper. Seeing your vision come to life in 3D begins in 2D. If renderings aren't available, I collaborate with clients to ensure this exploratory phase yields plans, and possibly models, that we can take into production.  



Proper structural support is the key to making durable sculptures that withstand the test of time. This is why my framing withstands the most stringent demands.  I go through great measure to ensure your project brings you many years of enjoyment.

2016-02-26 13.10.48.jpg


This is when the vision takes shape. I transform wood, metal, clay, foam or composites to bring your project to life in three dimensional form, all while working within the parameters of the frame and structure to ensure installation is effortless.


Mold Making

When an object needs to be replicated I'll make a mold using a molding compound such as silicone or urethane rubbers, fiberglass or plaster.  From small to large scale items, I specialize in reproductions with varying degrees of detail and complexity.

ChanceJoker00001a (1).jpg

Surface, Paint & Seal

Surface prep, paint and sealing are the final steps in a project. Applications of painted surfaces can include brush, airbrushing and spraying. I use the highest quality paint and sealant materials to protect the surface from harsh environmental conditions.



I make shipping and installation as easy as possible, working with you throughout the build to ensure your project ends up securely in place. I can provide crating services and arrange for transportation as needed.

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